First Fruits Giving

First Fruits Giving

Our loving God has been very generous to us. He sent his only Son to die on a cross in our place. He has entrusted us with all of our earthly blessings.

Out of love, we cheerfully return a portion of our earthly blessings to him. Throughout the Bible we see example after example of Christians giving proportionate to their earthly blessings. A widow giving her last coin is giving far more than a very rich man giving $1,000. God only asks that we prayerfully consider his love and our priorities, and return to him the first fruits of our labor.

We have prepared some helpful facts as you prayerfully considering your first fruit giving. Click here for more on proportionate giving.

Trinity gives members two opportunities for returning their first fruits.

Offering envelopes

Members are provided with offering envelopes every year. Use these envelopes for your first fruit giving or for special gifts to specific ministries.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Create automatic first fruit giving by establishing automatic gifts. You will never forget your envelope at home again!
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